A Ticket some Time And Resignation

Hello everyone, I put in my two weeks notice and purchased my ticket. It’s been 4 years in the making and I’m finally taking that leap of faith. I’m nervous, but I mean who wouldn’t be? I’ll be 12 hours away from the ocean it’s been a strange but pleasing journey so far but the real journey begins August 18th. Thank you for reading everyone I’ll start my vlog very soon stay tuned.


Date Set And Match

Hello everyone it’s 7:00 PM bright and sunny right after a quite wet rain storm here in the greater Richmond area. I have some new, I am purchasing my ticket and shipping my belonging so Montana, I am moving forward and moving out. Early august is the date I have set to leave Richmond once and for all. I’m excited but also a little anxious. I’ll be leaving everything I know and have known my entire life to cut out my own little slice of heaven so to speak. I’ll be starting a video blog series once I get my hands on a half decent camera. I’ll be keep posting updates as I find time on here.

My Journey Sitting Still

Hello, My name is Michael. It’s a pleasure to have you reading about my Journey. This is where I think allot of people could rant and rave about what a journey is and what it means to them, My opinion? Well I can sum that up in just a few words. A Journey is simply travelling from one place to another. And currently my one place is the capitol city of the wonderful commonwealth of Virginia, And my another place is the beautiful “Big Sky Country” Montana that is. This is my story as it unfolds. From Beginning to end. I hope you enjoy. And check out my about page for some additional facts about me.